Shipping Agents


Seacorp provides the full range of ship agency services at all Australian ports on behalf of voyage charterers, ship owners, exporters, importers and commodity traders.

From its highly experienced management team whom possess significant international shipping, marketing and trade experience across a variety of bulk commodities, to its marine team of Master Mariners and operations specialists, Seacorp's versatility and unique skill-sets of its personnel allow our expertise to be collectively applied to each vessel’s port call.

Integration of these skill-sets provide an inimitable dimension to our services in that:

  • Appointments are accepted and pre-arrival communication is commenced immediately with all parties. This allows for prompt engagement with our Principals and for the submission of all time sensitive documentation by the Master well in advance of arrival.
  • In port services are handled by a team of on-call Master Mariners, providing expert advice to the vessel and terminal operator during cargo operations.
  • Post departure services are initiated as soon as practicable, enabling the vessel’s port call to be closed out in a timely manner.

Seacorp’s full agency services allow our Principals to have confidence they will receive:

  • Unabated attention to detail from a team of dedicated professionals
  • Prompt and transparent communication
  • Around the clock coverage
  • Intricate port and cargo knowledge, enabling a safe and efficient port call.

Furthermore,  through our long term relationship as the exclusive Australian member of the world's largest independent ship agency network, Multiport Ship Agencies Network, Seacorp can offer full coverage at every commercial port around the world. 

Our ship agency services are undertaken as per Seacorp's Standard Port Agency Terms and Conditions


Shipper's Agency Services

Seacorp manages the following complex responsibilities in an autonomous manner to ensure the shipper’s obligations are met and they receive prompt payment for their valuable cargo:

  • Tailoring of conventional cargo documents to the shipper’s needs
  • Preparation and distribution of shipper’s cargo declaration
  • Issuance of the full array of commercial shipping documents compliant to contractual and letter of credit requirements.


Protective Agency Services

Seacorp recognise the importance of protecting our Principal’s interests, and offer an unparalleled level of protective services to both ship owners and cargo charterers at all commercial bulk shipping ports in Australia and China.

Through a protective agency appointment, Seacorp provides comprehensive:

  • Negotiation of a competitive disbursement account
  • Supervision of the counterparty’s agent
  • Statement of fact scrutiny
  • Orderly transfer of information to all relevant parties
  • Ensuring despatch/demurrage calculations are correct
  • Management of the LOI process in China (if required).

Our protective agency services are undertaken as per Seacorp's Standard Protective Agency Terms and Conditions.


Husbandry Services

Via an established network of relationships and services providers, ship owners, manning agents and technical managers can count on Seacorp’s track record of consistent, problem solving and cost-effective husbandry services.

A large portion of our team consists of Master Mariners who are ex-seafarers, so we understand the vagaries and importance of crew changes. This allows us to provide assiduous assistance to ship’s crew whilst they are under our care.

Seacorp offer a full suite of husbandry services as undernoted:

  • Crew Changes
  • Crew shore medical attendance coordination/assistance
  • Cash to Master
  • Clearance and delivery of vessel spare parts and other parcels
  • Provision of nautical publications and charts
  • Technician and superintendent attendance coordination, and visitation formalities
  • Arrangement of Independent Marine Surveyors to perform tasks, not limited to: On-Hire Bunker Survey, Condition Surveys and Cargo Condition Surveys
  • AMSA PSC deficiency and detention assistance.