Our commitment to maintaining safety as our first priority is a principle value at Seacorp and is strongly supported by management with safety the first and most important agenda item at all of our company convened meetings worldwide.

Our services are provided within a framework that is shaped by the highest safety standards and our staff are empowered to only contribute to delivering safe production at all our customers operations.

Seacorp’s safety record shows that in 20 plus years of operation, we have recorded only 2 minor incidents. This is attributed to Seacorp’s commitment to employing only high quality staff, providing extensive training and strict adherence to occupational health, safety and environmental policies and procedures.

Seacorp is committed to achieving Zero harm to its employees and believes that all injuries are preventable.

Our Mantra

• Never compromise on safety

• Make it your mission to return home safely at the end of each work day

• An excellent safety culture is built over time - it is never given

• The importance of safety in the workplace is up to you – Make it Happen!