Outturn Management in China

Seacorp is the world’s leading supplier of outturn management services on behalf of bulk commodity exporters to China. Without representation at the discharge port preliminary findings become final which invariably results in a poorer financial outcome.  

We manage our customers affairs at every single Chinese discharge port including:

Cargo Shortages

Ensure the incidence of cargo shortages via the draft survey process and moisture determination is undertaken fairly to minimise or eliminate losses altogether. 

One of our team of master mariners is on hand to dispute the preliminary draft survey calculations (vessel’s constants, water density, etc) and for the matter of moisture content. 

Sampling Process

Witness the sampling process throughout the discharge operation to ensure the integrity of the representative samples. Ensure that sub-sampling and reduction of lots occurs immediately after completion of discharge. 
Manage disputes in accordance with our customer’s instructions.

Cargo Condition

Photograph the condition of the cargo in the vessel holds and the discharge stockpiles to record the general condition of the product on arrival.